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Health & Safety Consultants

Health & Safety Training

Are you up to date with your legal health and safety requirements?

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Fire Safety

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Fully qualified, local trainers providing a unique, tailored, affordable, face -to-face training packages.
Delivered on your premises or ours.

Meet Our Trainers:


Steve Taylor DipNEBOSH Cert IOSH


Steve is the CEO of ST Safety Services Ltd. He's an industry expert and consultant in Health & Safety. His extensive background in Health & Safety and implementing controls extends from his personal interests as a pilot and power boat skipper, to his professional career as a highly qualified and experienced Health & Safety specialist. Steve has worked with law firm and insurance companies representing industry clients. This involves proactive, robust safety inspections for businesses of all sizes, and reactively assisting businesses with claims against them. This work prevents harm to employees and the prosecution of employers. Steve specialises in helping businesses with their safety, in plain, practical terms. This includes ongoing expert advice to existing clients and one-off assessments, to bring businesses up to speed and within the law and guidance. 


Dominic Sivell

Fire Service Trainer

Dominic is a Fire Risk specialist and trainer. His exposure to high-risk environments started with 5 years in the military. It extended into a 30-year career in the Fire and Rescue Service, where he progressed to supervisor and manager, and qualified as a specialist trainer. Dominic has years of hands-on experience fighting fires, together with specialist skills as an instructor in fire behaviour, tactical ventilation, breathing apparatus and water rescue technical and safety awareness. Dominic is able to provide instruction in fighting small fires in the workplace and is qualified to conduct risk assessments for new and existing buildings. With a significant increase in flood risk, he is well placed to provide expert training to those working alongside stretches of static and running water, and the coast. 


Tony Cox

Police Service Trainer

Tony started his professional career as a police officer during the 1981 Brixton riots, and completed it during the 2011 London riots. Tony led operational teams and qualified as a Health & Safety trainer, specialising in Dynamic Risk Assessment. He designed and delivered bespoke risk assessment training to units encountering a variety of risks. Since leaving the police, Tony has worked as a freelance trainer and risk specialist. Tony worked abroad where he inspected the Somali National Police and designed training for them. More recently, he trained his Parish volunteer emergency response team in responding to a variety of critical incidents.