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A Safe and Seasonal Workplace

A Safe and Seasonal Workplace

As we eagerly approach the most enchanting time of the year, ST Safety Services is here to share invaluable insights on workplace Christmas decorations and how to ensure a safe and festive environment for your team. By incorporating these straightforward safety measures, you can guarantee that your employees relish the festive season without exposing your business to potential hazards.

Embracing the Festive Glow: Christmas Trees and Lights

Opt for artificial Christmas trees, a safer alternative to real ones, which can pose a serious fire hazard when they dry out.

Ensure your artificial trees are flame retardant.

Select a safe location for your Christmas tree, away from heat sources and escape routes.

Ideally choose lights that do not need to be plugged into power sources. Alternatively choose lights with the UKCA or CE mark and inspect cables for damage. 

Before use, check lights for damage; damaged lights should not be used, and if plugged into power sources, they should have (if applicable) an in-date Portable Appliance Test (PAT) for workplace use.

Turn off Christmas tree lights when employees leave the workplace.

Check light fuses for the correct type and size, as indicated on the box.

Replace blown bulbs promptly.

Keep bulbs away from flammable materials like paper.

Opt for LED lights, which use less energy and emit no heat.

Managing Extension Cables

Prevent tripping hazards by placing extension leads strategically or preferably do not use at all e.g., use battery operated Christmas tree lights.

Visually inspect extension leads for damage before use, ensuring an in-date PAT (if applicable).

Avoid overloading sockets or extension leads.

Do not use block adaptors without fuses.

Do not daisy chain multiple extension leads together.

Completely unwind cable drums to prevent overheating.

Navigating Decorations

Assess the fire risk of decorations, particularly those made of light tissue paper or cardboard.

Keep decorations and festive lights away from all H&S and fire provisions including signage.

Keep decorations away from lights, heaters, and machinery.

Be mindful of small children and ensure decorations are out of reach.

Safe Use of Ladders and Stepladders for Workplace Decorations

Never use furniture as a makeshift ladder.

Use only Class 1 or EN131 compliant ladders and steps.

Only competent employees trained in working at heights should use ladders and stepladders.

Visually inspect ladders and stepladders before use, checking steps, stiles, and feet for any damage.

Ensure all ladder feet are on level ground before use.

Employees should wear suitable footwear when using a ladder.

Avoid overreaching and maintain three points of contact (hands and feet) with the ladder.

Consider the risk of ladders being knocked by opening doors.

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Stay safe and have a joyous festive season.